Heating pumps

VIVAX heat pumps

VIVAX heat pumps  are designed for a new generation of consumers who value not only efficiency and reliability, but also modern design. 
The Croatian brand  Vivax  has  been on the market since 2004 and today offers more than 250 different products. The Vivax brand range is divided into 6 product groups: 
– Imago (LED TVs);
– Cool (air conditioning);
– Home (small appliances);
– Vox (sound, Hi-Fi);
– Smart (smartphones);
– Tablets

Vivax air conditioners  are known as top quality appliances. In addition to a design that fits into any modern space, they have the latest technology. These are some of the most economical air conditioners on the market for advanced functionality and environmental protection. Vivax air conditioners can be controlled with your smartphone even when you are away from them.

Pleasant and clean air  is the first condition to feel comfortable in any room. Noise levels are extremely important, and Vivax air conditioners contribute to the quiet operation of cooling and heating thanks to the latest technological advances.

ND Energy – Authorized importer of Vivax

ND Energy is a company specializing in the supply of climate control equipment and consumer electronics to the Baltic and Scandinavian markets. The head office of the private limited company ND Energy is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our services

We offer the best VIVAX products in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. We have extensive experience in the Scandinavian, Baltic and CIS markets!
We have a large warehouse in Tallinn, a warehouse of spare parts and accessories for our maintenance. This ensures fast delivery of products and, if necessary, professional service in case of possible failures. The client’s home is always warm in winter and quite cool in summer.


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